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OMG is the latest single from Ira Losco, the 4th single lifted off her eagerly-anticipated new album, which is scheduled for released later this year. The upbeat number, which features local Youtube hiphop sensation Shyli, is a pop tune about heartbreak and revenge and follows hot on the heels of last March's We Are The Soldiers, contrasting sharply with the latter's relatively deeper tone. Peppered with infectious pop and a whole lot of sass, the new single has all the makings of a surefire summer hit.

Speaking about her career, Ira said she had never really slowed down during the past 15 years, remarking that taking a hiatus was "the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a long while". She added that previous single We Are The Soldiers seemed the right track to go for following her participation at last year's Eurovision Song Contest and that “OMG brings back my fun side with a fair share of attitude; a single which reflects my current frame of mind”.

The video, produced and directed by Take 2's Abigail Mallia and Carlos Debattista, was shot at Hardrocks Business Park. “Abi, Carlos and I go a long way", Ira commented. "They were instrumental in the success of the video for What I’d Give. I love script writing for my projects with them, I love Abi directing me and the energy is positively infectious. I wanted them on board for this video and I wasn’t having it any other way”, she added.

The Director of Photography, Matthew Muscat Drago had also been responsible for the We Are The Soldiers video. “Matthew is continuously dividing his time between projects in Malta and other countries so I was lucky to have him involved in this video, as his expertise clearly manifests itself in OMG, which was no easy task for any director of photography.” The choreography was entrusted to Annalise Ellul, who directed the sultry dance troupe playing Ira’s side-kicks.

OMG is Ira’s 18th music video to date, and there are more in the pipeline, according to Howard Keith from Jagged House. “This is Ira’s 15th anniversary as a solo artist, and she never ceases to impress her audience with the innovative way she presents herself and her music. She is never predictable and quite remarkable at re-inventing herself, apart from being an inspiration to others". Having such a top-ranking social media profile is a clear indication that Ira Losco remains one of the top artists this island has ever produced, certainly in the last 15 years.

Ira Losco is supported by Yellow Discover Local, BMW, Coca Cola Zero, MakeUp Factory, Dizz Group, Magnum, Nescafe’ and Jagged House.


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