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Sometime back in 2011, I remember getting an email announcing that a new record label by the name of Alleanza was being launched. The man behind it was, and still is, Maltese musician Jewel Kid, whose dream didn't just become a reality the moment the news was publicly released, but has gone on to become a major techno player at an international level.

The label's rise to prominence has been exceptionally swift, boosted by an effective strategy to tap into different markets via foreign tours, label nights, weekly online radio shows and an impressive stable of artists, among them Enrico Sangiuliano, Jewel Kid, Pig&Dan, Loco & Jam, Matt Sassari and the Yellowheads, to name but a few.

Alleanza's profile has also been boosted by its presence at key events, such as the notorious Winter Music Conference in Miami, where the label hosted a showcase night at Tantra back in 2013; that's less than two years from when it was launched, in case you hadn't noticed!

Highly respected by his peers, Jewel Kid's dream has just celebrated its 100th release with a 23-track 'best of' anthology that is available at Beatport.

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