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Stellar by Starlight is a collaboration between US ambient producer and DJ DF Tram and visual artist Video Dub Poobah. The result of this collaboration is a feature length audiovisual journey which brings together movie clips, vintage commercials and video art as a meandering path that goes from scares to satire, politics to psychedelics with a splash of humor along the way, all of it soundtracked by music from DF Tram's latest album, Serenitay Infinitay to offer a truly unique experience.

Listen to Michael Bugeja's radio interview with DF TRam about his music and Stellar By Starlight here:​

Stellar by Starlight is being screened for one night only at 4pm on Saturday, May 5 at St James Cavalier, Valletta. The event is being organised in conjunction with Electronic Music Malta and forms part of the Spazju Kreattiv Programme. Entrance is €5.


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