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It was only released three days ago, yet it has already clocked up well over 600,000 views. Yes, it seems like Malta's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest has struck a chord with the general public, both here at home and abroad. Of course, this may have little bearing on how it will fare in the actual contest, but hey, for the time being at least, Chameleon is getting its fair share of praise.

An upbeat number with a fresh, feelgood vibe, Chameleon ticks all the same boxes that current chart hits do, with its Reggaeton groove being the song's driving force. It also reveals an altogether different side to Michela's personality, or at least the personality she projected in the several performances she gave on her way to clinching the top spot at X-Factor Malta. She sounds comfortable enough in this new territory, and it's a catchy number indeed, though personally I felt the faux-patois is a little overdone and her characteristic vocal 'break' employed a few times too many in the space of 3 minutes, but maybe that's just me paying too much attention!

Overall, the song seems to be doing its job, boosted by the gloriously colourful TVM-produced music video. As one expects, it's also attracting a great deal of airplay, and I certainly wish Michela success in Israel, but more than that, I'll also be looking forward to what she does next with that incredible voice of hers after this first release for Sony Music.

See Michela's Eurovision profile here.


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