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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Treading on Eggshells is the new single from DrLYNN, who had represented Malta at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest with the song, To Dream Again. The new release was composed by the singer, while the lyrics were written by Richard Rogers. "I wrote the music for this song back in 2006", the singer said in a comment. "That was the year when I decided to embark on a life-long learning journey which has so far exceeded my expectations".

DrLYNN said she believes that personal growth is the key to overcome the seemingly difficult obstacles. "At that time, I was struggling to reach a balance between my commitments as a TV presenter and executive producer of a daily educational programme, and a music residency in several local entertainment establishments". That same year, she was introduced to Richard Rogers. "We ending up talking about my commitments and my Eurovision experience and the next thing I know, Richard had come up with these lyrics". Incidentally, DrLYNN had already written an original piece of music on the piano, and as it turns out, the lyrics matched the music perfectly, and Treading on Eggshells was the end result, although the title came later.

Over time, DrLYNN says she came to understand the validity of her feelings, and despite facing difficulties in her life and having to take decisions on her own, there was an overwhelming spiritual driving force that was fundamental for her to face reality without giving up on her dreams. “I would not have wanted anyone else to carry the burden of my decisions, especially when I was faced with difficulties and challenges which were too heavy for me to carry on my own, but I managed”, she explained. "In a nutshell, the song's lyrics reflect how hard it is to walk in someone else’s shoes".

The song captures the effect of an intense moment in time, and the inability of an individual to sleep at night with the consequence that the next day becomes harder to face. "Very few people can appreciate pain when it becomes unbearable. Life would equate to a bitter pill when the road ahead is too steep. During such hard times, hope is the only way forward, and there is no point in looking back". In the song, DrLYNN concludes with an affirmation, ‘No more threading on Eggshells, no Kiss and Tells, I made it on My Own’, words that are clearly aimed at encouraging others who may be experiencing challenging times in their lives and motivating them to have faith.

Anyone who is interested in receiving a copy of Treading on Eggshells should send an email to DrLYNN at For more info about Dr. Lynn, visit her Facebook page.


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