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Life happens when you’re busy making other plans and that is exactly what has happened this year. Music artists around the world, among them Red Electrick, had most of the year all planned out with music releases, gigs and events. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 global pandemic did away with all of those plans as a result of the required social distancing and protective measures and restrictions that practically leading to a global shutdown.

Music however, will forever be the language that brings everyone together, and while events have had to be cancelled, it still found a way to connect us all, reaching people's homes and hearts, not from the stage, but via the internet. I Will Be Fine, Red Electrick's latest release, is perhaps the perfect example of music stepping in as a reaction to the times we are living in. "The song was not planned to be an official single", the band's recebt press release stated. "It is a song off our latest album Tragic Optimistic. We decided to spontaneously send it out to all local radio stations because the lyrics are very relatable during this particular time in our lives".

The band released an acoustic version of the song on Instagram. "We instantly started getting messages from radio stations to send it to them, so we said, why not?”, Peter Borg, the band's lead guitarist and producer, commented. adding that "the beauty of music is that every listener can relate to a song in different ways and I Will Be Fine is one of those songs". The song's lyrics revolve around taking a leap of faith and chasing a dream you might not have thought was possible to pursue. "However the song can also be a message of hope, knowing that people around you love you and are there to support you no matter what”, lead singer and lyricist Joe Roscoe, explained. "These unprecedented times can be stressful and lonely but knowing that you will be fine and coming together with your loved ones will make a big difference in how we adapt to this new ‘normal’. Stay Safe, Stay Home...we will get through this and we will be fine!"


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