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Say It First is the first release from X-Factor Season 1 winner Michela since she represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest with Chameleon in Tel Aviv last year and guesting on Ira Losco's Cannonball single. The song, a collaboration with Bulgarian producer and songwriter B-OK (aka Boris Milanov), was released today, coinciding with Valentine's Day.

Michela has had a busy year since emerging as an unknown to winning the X-Factor title. During this time, she has been travelling in connection with work on her new music together with Universal Music & Jagged House Management.

She described the experience as a creative outburst that gave her the chance to explore her song-writing capabilities. Furthermore, she also got to team up with various co-writers and worked on around 20 original songs.

In a comment, Jagged House Management representative Howard Keith stated that he’s always grateful when an international brand with very high standards like X-Factor features a local artist on its Global platforms, adding that this was important to boost the aritst's visibility.


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