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My Time is the debut single from young artist Owen Leuellen. The rapper shot to fame on X Factor Season 1 where he placed second in the finals, and won the audience over with his stage presence and charisma. Without a doubt one of his most memorable moments from the X-Factor experience was when Ira Losco invited him to feature on her hit single Hey Now. Leuellen had also revealed, during the audition phase, that he had written numerous songs already, which songs will eventually feature on his upcoming album, currently undergoing some final touches. The song, which is accompanied by the music video below, is the first of these tracks, chosen by Jagged House to pave way for his upcoming debut album. The track focuses on highlighting that it’s his turn in the game after all the time working hard to enter the music industry. As the track goes “This is my time to shine”

The music video, directed by Steve Levi Vella, starts off with Owen tied to a chair, referring to when he was locked out of the game with no way to enter. “Steve instantly understands what we’re after but above all he understands what the song needs & what the artist is all about. “ Howard Keith added “ Having worked with him on numerous music videos, he’s practically an integral part of our team as is Matthew Muscat Drago – DOP. The album is planned for a definite release later on this year.”

“I never thought that I’d make it out” is a line that stands out showing how he was loosing confidence back in the start. He’s worked extremely hard to get here & that’s clearly reflected in his lyrics. Owen Leuellen highlighted “Some scenes show a figure of a boy writing lyrics on a paper and rapping, representing my childhood writing songs when I had absolutely nothing“. Other scenes show how he stood for his fans and how from just one kid it turned into a huge following hence crowd surfing And celebrating his debut in this industry. The moral of the story behind it is that hard work pays off and now it’s time to celebrate the success he worked for and deserves.


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