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While other 12- and nine-year-olds may be listening to Justin Bieber or One Direction, siblings Hannah Heavenly and Arlo Blue are to be found flicking through their Bob Dylan and Laura Marling collection. No surprise then that the music they make as Heavenly Blue is firmly rooted in folk.

Based in Malta, this young singer /songwriting duo has already attract¬ed the attention of some of the UK music industry’s movers and shakers, and after listening to their debut self-titled EP, it’s easy to understand why. Featuring two original numbers, namely Go With The Flow and Topped With Marshmallow, and two covers – Regina Spektor’s The Call and Laura Marling’s Alas I Cannot Swim, the EP was released a few weeks ago, and has quickly found its way onto the local airwaves. A music video for Go With The Flow has also been released and is steadily gaining ground as more social network users repost the YouTube link.

With a number of live performances lined up this summer, Heavenly and Blue are excited but quite grounded about their newfound success, effectively balancing their music practice and homework, yet still managing to come up with a good number of new songs. Heavenly Blue are managed and produced by Tickety-boo, the same company that brought Chasing Pandora to fame and, with a father who managed and produced Elton John, they seem destined for success. For more information or to watch the video, visit This article was first published in the Sunday Times of Malta (06 May 2012)


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