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Local indie rock duo The Sylvan Aaron Massacre has just released its latest single The Thrill. Their fourth since 2011’s debut single Come On (Come On), the new release is drenched in surf-styled garage rock; a ball of energy accompanied by a fully-charged killer melodic hook.

Like all their singles to date, The Thrill was recorded at Magnolia Abode Studios with Gilbert Micallef, who also sang backing vocals on the song. In the space of four singles, the duo have established a signature sound that one immediately identifies as The Sylvan Aaron Massacre.

“I feel all of our singles are different, and that they all sound different,” frontman Sylvan Borg said. “But they all share a common factor, a particular timbre that makes them our songs. We’re very pleased with that.” The Thrill is possibly their harshest-sounding release to date, not to mention the self-produced music video accompanying it, which reflects the tongue-in-cheek attitude both Borg and drummer Aaron Sammut flaunt quite openly.

“Our next step will be to set ourselves up as a live act,” Borg said. “We acknowledge the limitations that a two-man set-up presents, but we’ve got several ideas of how to go about it.” The music video for The Thrill is available for streaming on the band’s You Tube channel.

This article was first published on The Sunday Times of Malta (19 January, 2014)

Photo by Meike Berrit


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