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After her single Feel clinched the top spot in the Best Music Video category of Toni Sant’s Mużika Mod Ieħor 2013 polls, Maltese solo artist Adie is back with a new single, God’s Green Earth. Penned by US songwriter Joyce Harrison, the original version is a ballad which Adie recorded at Freetime Productions. Two remix versions, both produced by Maltese DJ and producer Toby, were also released along with the original. All versions are available through major digital music stores.

The launch of the single on Easter Sunday was deliberate, and inspired by the song’s spiritual inclination in lauding God’s Green Earth, embracing nature and showing respect to all human beings irrespective of gender, colour, sexual orientation and social class.Adie said that the song reminds her of her favourite Michael Jackson songs, namely Earth Song and Heal the World, since they both focus on environmental issues and convey strong messages which she holds very dear to her heart. “I feel very strongly about the message of my new single which is why this time, instead of a music video, I will only be releasing a lyric video with the remix version to emphasise the importance of the lyrics.

”The decision to upload the remix and not the original ballad version online first is intended to allow for the more upbeat version to pick up in time for the summer, although Adie says she still plans to relaunch the ballad this year.“The remix and the club mix are ideal for the dance scene, so I felt it made sense to put them out first; hopefully, they will also lead to some club appearances”.

Listen to God's Green Earth here

This article was first published on the Sunday Times of Malta (Sunday, April 27, 2014)


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