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It’s been a long time coming, but the day is finally here. Having already tickled the public’s fancy with a brief live set opening for Brikkuni last year, Fastidju will be launching its debut album over the weekend with not one, but two live performances, both taking place in the round theatre at St James Cavalier in Valletta; a perfect setting for the kind of intimate the gig the band has opted for. Just over two years in the making, Fastidju’s self-titled debut, whose production was supported by the Malta Arts Fund, is a double album – one disc featuring songs in Maltese, the other songs in English. Its packaging was designed by Tiny Island Studio, of which a limited number have been custom-made, featuring digital artworks by Nigel Baldacchino and illustrations by artists Adrian Abela and Jimmy Grima interpreting each of the songs featured on the album. Local band Xiola shall also be performing on the night. Tickets cost €8 (entrane only) or €15 including the album and are available at

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