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His name is Magnus Birgersson, but in the world of electronic music, this Swedish artist is better known as Solar Fields, and he will be performing in Malta this Saturday, May 10 at Buskett Roadhouse. Birgersson first adopted the name back in the late 1990s and has since been hailed as one of the most productive and creative forces to emerge from the Scandinavian music scene. The Gothenburg–based composer is also a talented hi-tech sound designer and multi-instrumentalist who has developed his own ‘museum of machines’, Studio Jupiter, inside which he brings to life the energizing sounds that have in turn made him such a revered artist. His musical co-ordinates are based worlds away from the trends dictating the mass musical market, and it is perhaps this, along with the exploratory nature of his work and the diversity of his work that has appealed to so many in search of authentic electronic music. Under the Solar Fields moniker, Birgersson has to date released 11 studio albums, the first of them being 2001’s Reflective Frequencies, released on Ultimae Records, the French electronic music label with which he is still signed to this day. Further to his own albums, his music has also been featured on more than 60 other releases and compilations. The Solar Fields event is being staged by Hazed Events, who in the past had also staged the Carbon Based Lifefoms event. The full line-up also features performances from Microlith, Stimulus Timbre, Cygna and Across Borders. The event starts at 10.30pm.

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