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A bit of funk, a bit of rock and a lot of fun is what goes into the music that local rock band Relikc makes, and it’s pretty obvious from the sound of their latest single Prime Time too. The song was written back in 2012, at a time when the band was enjoying quite some popularity thanks to a number of radio singles, among them Take the blame and Nothin' on my mind, and a consistent presence on the live circuit. Along with their previous releases it was intended to be included on the band's debut album, which to date remains a work-in-progress; their momentum halted by a short break and a line-up change.

With new drummer Lesnich Vassallo on board, Relikc wasted no time in picking up where they had left off; the release of Prime Time an unmistakable reminder that they were back and raring to go. "Lesnich fit into the band instantly, which enabled us to get back into our stride", the band commented. "We feel totally inspired so we've also been busy trying out new ideas". These ideas aren't limited only to the music it seems, and the band has also been occupied with producing the music video, which apparently involves some imaginative self-styled animation and video-editing. "The video is simplistic, following the recent trend of lyric videos, but it marks a humble start towards a series of releases which we intend to produce ourselves". Apart from the video release, Relikc are planning a number of gigs for the summer.

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