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Despite being largely known for her work within the pop scene, Claudia Faniello has always been forthcoming about her passion for rock music. Her latest single One Fine Day, co-written with Airport Impressions frontman Errol Sammut is a case in point, and while the song isn’t a hard rocker, it is very much a guitar-driven number that finds her in very fine form. After a short break that allowed her to focus on writing new material, Faniello has returned with this fresh release that has all the makings of a summer hit.

One Fine Day is in fact a breezy slice of melodic pop with a folk undertow, and should have no problem easing its way onto the local airwaves, particularly the drive-time slots. "I’m extremely excited about the song", Faniello said, pointing out it is unlike anything she's ever done. "It has a feel-good factor which I love and it talks about situations that everyone can relate to", she added. "I've taken my time to concentrate on how I want my sound to be like and especially what stories I want to tell through my music, and this is just a taste of what I’ve been working on”. A music video for the new single is currently in production and will be released later on in the summer.


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