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Less than a year ago, he released his debut single, Feel Again, which I had described as a vibrant, soulful melody gliding over a drum ’n’ bass shuffle. That description still stands, and I still feel the song sounds as fresh now as it did then. So must its singer Norbert, whose latest release Find A Way evidently flaunts similar traits. Like its predecessor, the new single is a fine slice of pop music infused with a distinct touch of nu-soul. As with his first offering, this song too has the potential to infiltrate dance circles, possibly also attracting an audience from other genres if it is remixed with a cutting edge approach rather than a generic one. That said, this possibility remains so far untapped by the artist and his team.

Alongside his new single, last month Norbert also launched an accompanying music video during a press junket that was also open to a select audience. Produced and filmed by WE Media Ltd, the music video for Find a way is something of a first for Malta in that filming was carried out using one continuous shot from start to finish; a tricky technique that essentially translates as the visual equivalent of what is known as a live take in the music business. "I feel the video, especially Deedee Clark and Raphael Pace’s choreography, really captures the spirit of the song" the singer commented.

Asked for a comment about the song, Norbert said, “I wrote Find a Way with (producer) Ramzi of RDS Studios. It is an anthem for all those people who face difficulties in life, myself included, but like the song says, if one believes in himself and perseveres, he will find a way to move forward and overcome any difficulty”. Norbert added that further to his two single releases so far, he is currently working on an EP.


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