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Without a doubt one of the most colourful characters in Maltese pop, Clinton Paul has, through sheer perseverance and an unbridled desire to make music, made quite a name for himself on his own steam and more importantly, his own terms. Two albums down the line, the latest of which, Unbreakable, spawned no fewer than 7 radio singles and 5 music videos, the flamboyant singer is back, this time with a Christmas single. Released in mid-November, ahead of all the seasonal tunes that are bound to start taking over the local airwaves (temporarily at least) any day now, Fall In Love This Christmas ticks all the boxes expected of a festive tune, which should ensure a fair share of both the local airwaves and those down under too, given that Paul’s music has successfully infiltrated a number of Australian radio station playlists this past year. Fall In Love This Christmas, the lead single off a new EP that will be released in December, is available to download from all major internet music portals. The music video for the new single, produced with Evolution Media, will be released along with the EP.

Click here to listen to Fall In Love This Christmas


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