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Undisputedly Malta’s biggest dance music export, Tenishia’s star continues to rise as the DJ duo clocks up more achievements in a musical journey that has seen them perform all over the world. Unsurprisingly, their music and videos have garnered a fair share of radio and TV airplay, locally as well as abroad, and the most recent of these is MTV Asia, which has been airing Tensihia’s music videos as a result of the duo’s heavy presence performing in several Asian countries.

With a widespread reach that covers the entire continent, MTV Asia attracts significantly large audiences, billions of people in fact in at least 8 different countries, among them China. Tenishia’s music videos were selected by top Chinese DJ Jamaster A, who hosts his own personal show on MTV Asia called DJ Master Picks. Jamaster A has also invited the Maltese DJs as his ‘Special Guests of the Month’ on his show in the coming months, which slots will feature Tenishia picking their own selection of videos for MTV airplay. This will not be the first time Tenishia have appeared on international TV and radio, as they have often been interviewed by various stations, Shanghai TV and Radio 899 (China) being among the more recent ones.

Tenishia’s infiltration of the Asian market augurs for another busy year that should continue to build on the successes the DJ duo achieved last year, which saw them tour extensively, release no fewer than 14 tracks as well as maintain a popular weekly summer residency at Gatecrasher in Ibiza, the result of which helped them maintain a ranking in the world’s Top 100 DJs for the fourth consecutive year. “We are determined to build on our legacy during 2015” the DJs said in a comment. “The year is already looking very positive, with several appearances at big festivals around the world already lined up”.


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