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It may have been released in the early 80s, but there’s no denying that the lyrical substance of The Rifffs’ Ska evergreen Dance music for the 80’s depression, by far one of the most influential songs to be recorded by a Maltese band, still holds water today, surpassed only by the song’s popularity, instant familiarity and immediate spark whenever and wherever it is played. Indeed its lasting appeal was certainly a catalyst in bringing the band back to life in the mid-00s, since which time they’ve released two incredible albums. Apart from confirming the band has lost none of its chops despite the years that have passed, 2009’s Moonstomp album presented a fresh batch of riveting and revived original Ska tunes that bridged their past with the present. Further to that the band’s live appearances, in Malta as well as at various key foreign festivals, didn’t just bring their trademark vibrant performances to the masses, but also consolidated their standing locally and internationally as a leading live act.

With so much positive energy on board (and a few more band members too), it is hardly surprising that for their second album, 2014’s Can’t stop the people, The Rifffs upped the ante and delivered a record that looked beyond Moonstomp’s guitar-driven hybrid Ska dance music, digging deeper into Ska’s foundations and coming up with another remarkable tome of original numbers that rock steady yet groove with the greatest of ease. This is a band you do not want to miss out on. This Thursday, February 26 they’ll be playing live at Ryan’s Pub in St Julian’s ahead of their upcoming UK tour, which will also see them participate in the prestigious London Ska Festival alongside The Talks and Two-Tone Club, so come on down and have a good old skank to some Monster Ska!


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