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Despite being based in London for the past few years, where's she's been attending and has now graduated from music college, hers is a name that remains quite familiar within the local music scene. This is largely thanks to her silky smooth voice, which has often graced the local airwaves, either on her own releases or one of the many dance tracks she's been asked to sing on by many a Maltese producer. Her name is Chess and her latest project involves a crowd-funding initiative that is aimed at helping the young artist get to the next stage of her career. "For as long as I can remember I have wanted to sing. My passion is music. I want to make it as an artist" she writes on her Indiegogo page and, having interviewed her several times, I can certainly attest to her passion and dedication, to which I must also add there's plenty of talent too.

Her current aspiration is to put together a professional portfolio of 10 well-produced recordings that will reflect her versatility and creativity. "I've chosen to cover 10 timeless songs that people can enjoy, among them songs I've covered as I was trying to find my vocal style" she posted on her page. This is not to say she hasn't got any original songs, and in fact, once this target is achieved and the project is completed, she says her original songs will take priority as she can then invest more time in working on them professionally. To launch her crowd-funding campaign, Chess has recorded a one-take interpretation of possibly one of the most challenging melodies any vocalist will ever face, Pink Floyd's The Great Gig In The Sky. "I took on a challenging song that I knew would take me out of my comfort zone" and indeed it does. I've listened to it and come away very impressed, and I'd like to invite you to do the same, and if you like what you hear, perhaps you'll be interested in helping Chess achieve her goal too.

For more information and to listen to Chess cover The Great Gig In The Sky, click here.


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