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It may be called No Turning Back, but that is exactly what Chris and Moira have done for their latest single. The song was originally featured on the 2004 album Uncivilized, which Chris and Moira had recorded and released back then under the name of Krave, but has been given a new lease of life after being picked for the soundtrack of new movie Cheat, which was shot in Italy and Malta. caught up with Chris and Moira to talk about their latest release.

How would you describe No Turning Back in a few words, and on what level is the song trying to connect with the listener?

In a nutshell, one could say No Turning Back is dramatic from beginning to end, but of course the experience a song gives to a listener depends on the mood of the individual at the time. We're sure different people will react in different ways to the song, but in our eyes it is a rebel song; its lyrics are that way inclined. The original album version of the single starts with a piano and then accelerates into a rock song within a very short span of time, which is probably what gives the song its energy.

What is the song rebelling against?

It rebels against how the system around us seems to be out of control and projects an expression of anger at the way society has changed; at how petty crime is heavily punished while the real criminals always get away scot-free. It may be funny to hear comedians make jokes about politicians using and abusing their position, but these people are messing around with people's lives, taking everyone for a ride and treating us like fools, which we are not. So many things have changed, and not necessarily making life better or easier, but too many people fail to see the bigger picture. We don’t take enough care of the world we live in.

What was the inspiration for the song?

We were inspired by our own concern and anger at the dramatic change within our society; nothing specific but also many things all at once. It's a song that fits into different moods. which incidentally is something we also keep in mind when we perform live, and which influences our interpretation to suit the moment. To us the song is like a recurring thought, and really made a comeback on its own steam. It was never released as a single. When we were approached regarding its inclusion in the soundtrack for a short film, we realized how relevant the song still is today. So basically, the inspiration is the cycle that we still live in. As the lyrics state, "we rock inside the same old boat and we barely seem to work it out", which makes sense especially because life itself is our biggest source of inspiration.

In what way does the song connect with the movie?

We don't know yet; in fact we're particularly curious to see how the producers will use the track in the movie. The music video we produced takes the song into a different context to what we had in mind when we wrote it but at the same time it is also representative of the message that inspired the song in the first place. The special thing about this song is that anyone can identify with it, because it’s about a generic anger towards the deterioration of our society, regardless of why and how this came about. That is why every individual can give the song his or her own interpretation and apply it to different scenarios, from personal relationships to social issues such as the protection of the environment.

Compared to your previous music videos, this one suggests a new approach...

The new video has relationships as its main topic, which the producers opted for out of the several contexts the song can fit into. Rather than act out the lyrics, it is a figurative narrative of the song itself, hinting about how people relate, or not, to each other, taking in a triangle of egocentricities, relationships dying out and disappointment.

You've put out several music videos in recent years. Is there a plan brewing?

Well, we are always open to new projects, and it really is a chain of events. Some of our partners are working on development projects in the movie business and this is part of this larger context. The video for No Turning Back is essentially part of the short film Cheat, a trailer of sorts perhaps, but together with What You’re Thinking it also part of a bigger project by the name of Rugged Shores, basically a feature film whose soundtrack will feature our music. We're very proud to be part of the soundtrack for Cheat, which is also a step towards a much-larger project. There are several things happening for us right now, and we're only too happy to be involved in them.


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