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Christmas is coming, and that’s as good an excuse as any to have another Sofar gig. The Sofar Xmas Edition will be taking place on Friday, December 18, and as regular Sofarians will already be aware, the venue will be announced at a later date and the line-up of course, will remain a secret until the first act walks on stage.

If you’re interested in attending, send an email to, letting Sofar know if you’ll be attending alone or with a friend. The venue only takes 80 people so it’s best to put yourself on the list sooner rather than later. Punters are encouraged to wear Xmas sweaters and accessorize for the occasion, and of course, to bring their own booze or perhaps even mulled wine just to make it the event that little bit more Christmassy.

Doors open at 8pm with the first band going on at 8.30pm.

To register click here.

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