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It's not that often that the Eurovision Song Contest gets a mention on this blog, largely because, despite the fact that I still tend to watch the event on TV (don't ask, I just can't explain it!) there's little about it I find engaging enough to work my brain-cells and put pen to paper about, without any disrespect to anyone who is an ESC fan, of course.

Sometimes however, this European celebration of music (and as of recent, Australia too) does offer the odd sweet surprise, and this time, it's the Junior edition that has done that - bringing to everyone's attention the splendid voice of a bubbly young lady by the name of Destiny Chukunyere. And to make that surprise just that little bit better, she's Maltese too, her victory at this year's JESC being the second time Malta has won the contest in three years.

Naturally, like every other Maltese person, I'm more than pleased for Malta's victory, but more so for Destiny's victory. I must admit this wasn't the first time I'd heard Destiny sing, and even before she won any contest it was clear the girl has an amazing voice and tons of potential. Winning the JESC is, whether one digs the festival or not, an important stepping stone for sure, but with a voice like hers and the right guidance on where to go and what to do next, she could really have a fantastic future ahead of her. Once again, well done Destiny! You knocked everyone's socks off!


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