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Further to the release of their latest single Pious last month and the must-watch video to go with it (that we've included further down the page) as well as another new track, Rabbits, which they uploaded just a few days ago on their Soundcloud page, Lucy's Last will be launching their debut EP Syllabus of Errors on Saturday, December 5 with a live performance at Razzett L-Ahmar in Mosta.

Apart from the above-mentioned songs, the EP features 3 more brand new songs, namely the instrumental opener 3am Vigil, Tale From The Pond and Ennui. Compared to the band's first efforts, the EP suggests the band has been digging deeper into its influential roots with one eye firmly fixed on where to go next. The band's inclination for story-telling is still very much present - and remains an important ingredient in their songs - as is the melancholic tinge that has coloured all of their recorded material to date in shades of grey. The Blues inspiration remains but has been subtly applied, serving as a bridging underlay rather than a main driving force. This has allowed more space for the various components to nudge each song towards a different direction, not too far mind, and definitely without losing sight of the band's signature bass-heavy sound.

Syllabus of Errors was produced by David Depasquale of Spinesplitter Studio, who had already worked on the band's first two singles, Jenna and The Otherside. The event is supported by Trackage Scheme. Further to Lucy's Last, the event will also support slots from Laavemaux, KNTRL and Ben Vincenti. Tickets for the event and the EP can be purchased via Trackage Scheme's online shop.

Lucy's Last is Mia Scerri (vocals), George Sapiano (guitar), Mark Attard (keyboards), Aaron Cachia (bass) and Elton Grech (drums).


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