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By definition, 5 is the natural number following 4 and preceding 6. It is also linked to a particularly popular Beethoven symphony, the last instalment of the Rocky series of films to be numerically titled and it is also the second Sierpinski numberof the first kind. Just ignore that last bit actually, we don't care about it either. What we do care about, and we're sure you will too, is that we'll be hosting the fifth edition of A Critical Mass on Saturday, January 30th at Razzett L-Ahmar in Mosta. The theme behind the event remains as always, the alternative sound of the 80's, be it synthesized, guitar-driven or otherwise. As most of you will know, we also like to slip in a few of the late-Seventies gems that paved the way for the 80's, the decade everybody loves, the decade that reshaped the music world as we know it today. Some songs you'll recognise from the first note, others will take you a bit longer and some you (and us) may even have forgotten all about, so we're digging deep into our collections to deliver the goods on the night! Resident ACM DJs Michael Bugeja and Joseph Felice will this time be joined by another special guest, namely Brian James, a familiar name on the techno scene, who will be playing an exclusive set designed especially for A Critical Mass. Interested? We'll see you there, then! DJ's for the night: Michael Bugeja Joseph Felice Brian James Entrance Information: Door Open at 22:00hrs Pre Sale Tickets at only €5 + booking fee Available Online from ShowsHappening €7 at the door till 24:00hrs €10 after midnight!


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