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Without a shadow of a doubt, the very mention of Claudia Faniello's name will, to many people, immediately bring to mind her ties to the festival scene and perhaps rightfully so, for it is through that circuit that her career first took off. It must be said however, that to stop there would be rather misguided, for the talented vocalist has done what very few festival singers have dared to do, that is to step out of the festival's comfort zone and successfully infiltrate the mainstream pop market. Furthermore, shorn of the added burden that competitions tend to bring with them, each of her recent singles has reflected a particular sense of artistic freedom on Faniello's part too.

Her latest release, the self-penned You Said, is a fine example, highlighting the tendency on Faniello's part to experiment with new sounds and genres, exploring ambience and how to apply emotions to a melody that lingers on in the mind. "The song is unlike anything I’ve done in the past", she said of the new single. "It talks about a situation that everyone can relate to. I have taken my time to concentrate on this particular tune which is very close to my heart". She added that is was important to her that her songs to tell a story, and that You Said is a taste of what she's been working on more recently.

I particularly liked a comment Faniello posted on her Facebook page some weeks ago in relation to her new single, which I'm sharing again here. "I may act as a tough cookie most of the time but in reality there is a fragile part of me which is hidden from the world. This song talks about a loss, one which left a void for a very long time. A feeling I'm sure many of you know. With this song I close another chapter in my life and smile at the many beautiful things that came to me since then. I hope you enjoy it and remember it will always be fine eventually!" There really is nothing else one could add to that!


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