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As part of a series of events entitled A Tribute to Sammy Murgo, Heritage Records will be staging a concert at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta on Friday, May 13 featuring Sammy Murgo’s Quartet along with a number of guest artists. The quartet, which is made up of Sammy Murgo on Alto Sax, Dominic Galea on piano, Mario Aquilina ‘Il-Cocker’ on Double bass and Noel Grech on drums, will be accompanied by guest artists such as Alex Manche', Sammy Galea, Charles 'City' Gatt, Alex Grech, Doreen Galea, Harry Eddleston, Marvin Gaerty and Adrian ‘ir-Russu' Brincat. The performance, which will also include a number of short interviews conducted by Joe Julian Farrugia, will serve as the official launch of a CD album.

Sammy Murgo has been a prominent presence on the local music scene since the 1950s, and has performed with at least three generations of musicians. He is one of those artists who puts passion before fame, and has always kept a low profile, preferring instead to focus his time and energy into his music. An inspiration to both his peers as well as the younger generation, Murgo has helped many upcoming jazz musicians to establish themselves in the local jazz scene. Such a tribute is therefore well-deserved in acknowledging Murgo's efforts and achievements, therefore crediting him as a jazz pioneer as well as an accomplished entertainer.

Further to the concert, one can also attend a number of other events related to Sammy Murgo, among them an installation, an oral history/interview and a birthday celebration concert, all of them being held at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta. Details for these events are as follows:

Installation: Sammy Murgo

Opening date: Wednesday 8 June 2016

Closing date: Sunday 19 June 2016, 9.00PM

Venue: Space B (St James Cavalier)

Interview: Oral History-Sammy Murgo

Date and time: Friday 10 June 216, 8.00PM

Venue: Studio B (St James Cavalier)

Concert: Sammy Murgo 80th Birthday Celebration

Date and time: Friday 2 September 2016, 8.00PM

Venue: Studio B (St James Cavalier)

This initiative is part of the Spazju Kreattiv programme, organised in collaboration with Heritage Records and Dominic Galea.


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