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Mistura's first live album is out now

Maltese band Mistura recently released a new album. Titled U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa, the album features the band's live performance during this year's edition of Kotra, which took place at Razzett L-Ahmar, Mosta last March. This latest release marks another milestone for Mistura, being their first live album, and is a welcome addition to the band's acclaimed 2014 debut full-length release, U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur. In a comment Maclolm Bonnici, the band's frontman and co-founder said, "in the space of two years we changed from a duo into a fully-fledged rock band, and while we're working on our second studio album, we felt the need to release something that would be more representative of where the band is at now". The rest of the current formation includes fellow co-founder Antonio Olivari, Matthew Agius on bass and Mark Andrew Azzopardi on drums. "Apart from six songs from the first album, which have since changed considerably, we decided to add another two", Bonnici added. "These are Fil-Kju from the notorious Aħn'Aħna Jew M'Aħniex TV series, while the other is a teaser off our next album; a tiny hint of the direction we've taken since we adopted the new style". Mistura write and perform songs exclusively in Maltese, with music that has elements of blues, rock and folk. The band's debut was at the 2012 edition of the L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival, where they received the WAFA Award for Best New Talent. Since then the band has performed at a variety of venues, among them Rock the South, Teatru Unplugged, Farsons Great Beer Festival, Evenings on Campus, Notte Bianca and Kotra. Mistura would like to thank Emerson Vella for the recording on this album and Jeremy Grech, the organiser of Kotra, for the dedication they show towards the local live scene. To listen to the album and for more information visit

Mistura will be performing on Sunday, June 12 during this year's edition of Ghanafest Malta World Music Festival. For more details about this festival, click here.


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