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Further to the release of his third album Samsara, flamboyant pop artist Clinton Paul is back with a new single. Summer Fling is the third single to be lifted off his latest album, and like the previous singles, comes accompanied with a music video that was launched last week.

The pop vein that is present in practically all of Clinton Paul's output to date is very much present on the new single too. Flaunting a breezy hook, Summer Fling also suggests a distinct retro nod to the sound of the 80s on the artist's part; subtle perhaps, but effective all the same.

The Samsara album has proved to be Clinton Paul's best so far in terms of performance, reaching audiences far beyond Malta thanks to streaming portals like Spotify. In fact, to date the album has been streamed in the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Singapore, the Philippines and of course Australia, where Clinton Paul's previous releases have already registered some radio airplay too.

The music video for Summer Fling was shot by Evolution Media, using both a studio setting and on-location shots in Imtahleb.


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