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1. Beesqueeze is a duo - the sum of two parts, both named Chris! Did you know that before they settled on the name Beesqueeze, someone had suggested they call themselves Too Many Christians? 2. The idea behind Beesqueeze was for the two Chris's to look for a fresh sound, and by mixing psychedelia with alternative rock they've come up with something they like to call it 'alterdelic'!

3. Chris and Kriz do not like haircuts at all... they do however, love to party....hard!

4. Beesqueeze are giving away their first single Leaves for free on their Bandcamp page (you can also listen to it here (or click on the video above):

5. Beesqueeze is currently working on its debut EP, which will hopefully be released towards the end of this year. Watch this space for more on this!

And there you have it - now you know Beesqueeze a little bit better, don't forget to pop down to Zion in Marsaskala on Friday, September 2 where Beesqueeze, Bila and The Ranch will be performing at the Wok Ever Minifest. DJ Poortomaso will be spinning some cool tunes too! Click here for more details!


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