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An extraordinary Hallowe'en special not to be missed!

By tradition, Hallowe'en is a time of celebration and superstition. Dating back to Celtic times, it was meant to keep ghosts away, or something like that anyway. Dia de los Muertos (that's Spanish for Day of the Dead but you probably sussed that out already) is similarly inclined; a Mexican holiday tied to the Hallowe'en tradition but adapted to Hispanic customs, and this Hallowe'en (a couple of nights earlier, actually), the Funky Monkey will see the two traditions come together for one night of incredible music, some of it inspired by the theme, some of it perhaps less so, but collectively, you can be sure it will be a night to remember (or not, depending or your alcohol resistance levels)!

The music on the night will be provided by three DJs, namely local acts KNTRL and The Chemist, and a special guest all the way from Spain, Ruth Lee, whom some may also know as Ruth Garcia and/or From Hell. Further to her time working as a music journalist, she's established herself as a DJ and producer with a reputation of fusing various music genres in line with her broad-minded musical vision. She's played in Madrid, Berlin, Ibiza, Bilbao and Barcelona, to name just a few, and she'll now be adding Malta to her list of conquests.

So, what should one expect from this Dia de los Muertos party? Most definitely themed decor inside and outside the venue to set the vibe, cool tunes, Hallowe'en costumes (that's for you to think about and get creative with), and last but not least, Tequila of course... and don't forget your dancing shoes! Doors open at 10pm and entry fee is €5.

For more information, click here.


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