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One In A Million is the latest single from Ira Losco. The song, produced and mixed by Howard Keith at Jagged House Studios, is lifted off her upcoming double album. It was first performed exclusively at her sold out concert last December. The accompanying music video, directed by Matthew Muscat Drago and featuring YouTube star Stella Cini, was shot over two days at The Ramla Bay Resort and features a young couple’s erratic love story, with Ira posing as an outside force at times aiding and other times hindering the relationship. The video notched up more than 50,000 views in the first 4 hours, garnering a lot of positive feedback, much of which described the new song as one of Ira’s top tracks to date.

In a comment, Ira remarked “I love working with different people on my music videos, keeping it fresh and matching the narrative and music with the featured artist or cast. Stella is definitely one woman to watch out for. Besides being incredibly beautiful she is also a natural when it comes to acting and extremely talented in her line of work!”

Asked about her upcoming album, she said “The journey towards the release of my double album has been a long but enjoyable journey. In many ways it has given me the strength to challenge myself further. We’re getting closer to the finish line and it will be soon time to let go of my ‘baby’ and share it with others". The album will feature over 22 tracks with a lot of different flavours. "One in a million is about dysfunctional, toxic relationships, I’m sure there are quite a few people out there who can relate!”

Howard Keith, from Jagged House Music Company added, “Ira was never going to make this an ordinary album. She is in top form and all I can say is that it will be worth the wait for her fans”. The release of her double album will coincide with her 15th anniversary in music, related to which, a series of concerts and events are expected throughout the year.

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