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High is the latest single from Ira Losco, the 7th to be lifted off her 2018 double-album No Sinner No Saint. The song is accompanied by a video that sends out a very strong message. Once again, Ira turned to award-winning director Steven Levi and Matthew Muscat Drago (D.O.P.) to capture the essence of the song and translate it into an engaging visual production.

Produced and mixed by Howard Keith at Jagged House Studios, High speaks about the minorities in society that endure the injustices and those who are often mistreated and cast aside for being different. Ira Losco has long been an artist who has actively spoken in favor of many minorities and lends her support to many in need.

The video features actors who are depicting individuals wronged by society and who are unafraid to put to light their ‘labels’ but also shed them once and for all. The music video also features Ira in an aerial dance scene.

“Every music video must have a uniqueness that makes it worth watching for my audience. I enjoy working with my incredible team. They are all in it for one thing only, passion. That always ensures that the result is a spectacular one. I love challenging myself and this time Steve Levi suggested I try aerial dance. I loved every second of it and my trainer Masha seemed to be quite happy with the result. I’ll let my audience be the judge of that though” Ira said in a comment about the video.

Further to her recent performance at the Beland Music Festival, Ira and her band are gearing up for a busy summer. For more information or to buy the No Sinner No Saint album, visit


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