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Not for the first time, the music of local indie rockers No Snow/No Alps is transcending barriers of the geographical kind, except that this time their approach is entire-ly different to previous foreign ventures.

Stripping down their songs to their bare essentials and reworking them into an acoustic set, frontman Nick Morales and Sarah Falzon are promoting the Romantikpolitik album, touring several European cities alongside a Danish singer/songwriter who is promoting his own Love album.

The tour, which is supported by the Malta Arts Fund, kicked off on September 1 with three consecutive dates in Denmark, following which the duo headed down to France for two more gigs in Paris.

Tonight, No Snow/No Alps will be joined onstage by UK-based Maltese artist Dana McKeon when they perform at London’s Camden Head alongside fellow Maltese act Red Electrick, who are currently also playing a number of gigs around the British capital.

After a second London gig on Tuesday night, again with McKeon accompanying, No Snow/No Alps will head towards Italy, where they will play three gigs before going to Berlin where more dates are planned. The tour will end in Malta with a homecoming full-band performance on October 1 as part of the Notte Bianca activities.

The band’s debut album Romantikpolitik is now available online through iTunes and CDBaby. The band will be putting out the Joe Meek-inspired instrumental Laika’s Revenge as an online release, followed by the release of second single Look Down Below.

This article was first published in The Sunday Times of Malta (11 September 2011)


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