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Her somewhat surreal rendition of Pin the middle at this year’s Eurovision Malta Song Contest was without a doubt an effective performance. Coupled with the song’s simple yet universal message, her effortless charm helped to earn singer De Bee second place in the competition, while giving her a firm footing on the local pop scene. This however, was not De Bee’s first musical offering; trainspotters will note that apart from being a member of the Voices choir in the past, she was also the backing singer on K.O.I.’s 2010 debut single Tears in your eyes, following which she went on to release her debut solo single Just like you in 2012. Composed by guitarist Wayne Camilleri and with lyrics penned by De Bee herself, the first single was produced by Tribali’s Peter Paul and Red Electrick’s Peter Borg. The song had received very good airplay, encouraging the singer to aspire to bigger things.

Given Pin the middle’s popularity a music video, produced and directed by Dery Sultana, was recently released. The video is an extension of the colourful, and more importantly positive vibes that the song, written by De Bee and Peter Paul, itself projects. Although she is still relatively new to the local scene, De Bee looks set to maintain a more regular presence, partly through performing in collaborative productions such as Xirka Rock and What the Funk but especially by releasing more of her music. She is currently working on new material with the aim of recording an album.

Watch the video for Pin the middle here


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