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Something new to me is a rather appropriate name for Daniel Genuis’s latest offering. Not only does the new single’s title underline the fresh timbre that is evident in the song, it also marks the start of a new chapter, a return if you will, to the scene by this talented singer/songwriter. Formerly the frontman of popular alt.rock band Bitterside, Genuis had released a couple of solo songs back in 2011, possibly intended more to maintain some continuity at the time rather than a full-on re-launch. Those songs, Listen to me and For real had received significant airplay, while musically they suggested that Genuis was moving on to pastures new.

Since then, apart from a brief return with the short-lived Of The Owl in 2011 and The Common Talk in 2012 Genuis has been operating largely within the confines of his studio, resurfacing only recently to perform at the Beatles 1 Live concert held some weeks ago, and now with his brand new single Something new to me. The song, recorded at Railway Studios with Peter Borg, confirms that the change subtly hinted at with his first solo outings has been ongoing, as much in the songwriting as in his vocal style. “The song came to life in a couple of minutes after I’d laid down an electric piano track”, Genuis commented, adding that he came up with the vocal line pretty much immediately.

Clearly pushing deeper into pop territory, Something new to me has a soulful feel, a dreamy essence that lingers in the air and permeates the song’s ambiance, complementing Genuis’s warm vocals. “The song deals with the theme of changes in one’s life and of looking at life from a different angle” the artist said when asked about the song’s lyrical inspiration. “From a musical perspective, I’ve mostly been looking to the past for new inspiration rather than contemporary bands”. He concedes that the single has quite a pop approach to it, “with minimal guitars and a mellow vibe throughout”.

Apart from returning him to the local airwaves, the new single seems to have also kick-started a more consistent presence on the scene on Genuis’s part. “More songs will definitely follow”, he confirms, “upbeat ones too, not just mellow songs”. Genuis says he’s also playing bass in a new band, The Voyage, which will be launched very soon. “We play a very different kind of music to my solo stuff, but that makes it all the more exciting for me to be part of”. In the meantime, you can catch Daniel Genuis performing live acoustic sets every Friday at Waterbiscuit, St Julian’s.

The music video for Something new to me was shot and directed by Nick Morales of No Sweat Productions with additional footage filmed by Chris Mallia. Watch the video here.

Photo by David 'dp' Attard


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