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David Sherry, Diamond is Forever

American artist David Sherry's ties to Malta are more than evident in the number of times he has visited the island in recent years, which visits have rekindled a special connection with this island that dates back to his teen years. Born in Detroit but most certainly of Maltese lineage and very proud of it, Sherry openly credits his time in Malta, specifically his time in the Teens & Twenties Talent Trust, as one of the primary catalysts in sparking off his career as a performer. Parallel to this as a driving force behind his career is Neil Diamond, or rather, Diamond's songs, which Sherry has always cited as a big influence and certainly a huge inspiration, so much so that it is as the star of Diamond Is Forever that the American-Maltese artist has enjoyed his foremost success.

The show is as close to the real thing as one could get, offering an all-round Neil Diamond experience and as Sherry puts it, " recreating a feel of Neil Diamond in concert and on record". The Maltese public will be able to get a small taste of what Diamond Is Forever is about when Sherry performs a one-hour TV special this weekend as part of the Ohloq Tbissima broadcast marathon. It is no secret that it is a lifelong dream of Sherry's to bring his show to Malta, so hopefully this scaled-down performance will lead to a full-on production of the show in Malta in the near future.

David Sherry will be interviewed on the weekly ROCKNA radio show on Friday, 18 July. Tune in at from 7pm CET onwards.

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