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lucy's last, rock, jenna, malta

Lucy's Last may be a relatively new name on the Maltese music scene, but the band has been around in some form or other for a handful of years. In that time, its members have worked their way through hanging out, playing covers, hanging out some more, messing with the Blues and eventually settling on a sound which, apart from reflecting their individual influences also translated into the gritty rock edge that propels their debut single Jenna.

By their own admission, their journey in music has been very interesting so far, yet despite acknowledging where they stand right now in terms of sound and direction, there will be certainly be further development as the band pushes ahead. Released last May, Jenna attracted a fair amount of positive criticism that was complemented by the band's unabashed live gigs and, as of July 31, an accompanying music video that seems to be getting a healthy enough viewership.

Click here to watch the video for Jenna.


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