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With a string of releases to their name, Re-Ne’ & Er are fast building a reputation as one of the top upcoming production teams on the local dance music scene. The duo is back with a brand new track called Andromeda, an uplifting dance track released on July 25 and featuring vocals by Raquel. An accompanying music video mirroring the summery vibe that the song projects was also released on the same day.

The two DJs started working together at a very young age, experimenting with a variety of sounds and equipment that eventually led them to start producing their own music. This they have been doing for the past six years, working with several Maltese vocalists, among them Amber, Lyndsay, Talitha, Corazon and Chess, who sang on the duo's last release Perfect Love. Latest recruit Raquel was approached after the duo saw her perform at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, recognising her versatility made her the right person for their latest production.

Click here to watch the video for Andromeda.

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