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The term Botta u Risposta is usually more familiar within għana circles rather than the hip hop scene but its use here, as the theme of an eagerly-anticipated rap battle that Nitrox and D-Legacy will be hosting on Saturday, August 30, perfectly encapsulates the very nature of the event. In similar fashion to the way the Maltese għannejja have next to no time to come up with a rhyming verse to counter their 'adversary' in traditional folk music, so it is with a hip hop 'battle', except that the rap counterpart moves to a different beat. This in itself is already entertaining enough, but a look at the headliners, namely Hooligan and Lapes, adds quite some more anticipation given that the two artists represent different aspects and generations of the Maltese hip hop scene.

Hooligan's roots lie in the old school style of hip hop, and despite his occasional fall for a bit of pop schmaltz, there's no denying he was instrumental in bringing il-hip hop bil-Malti squarely to the attention of the Maltese general public. Personally speaking, I must say that his song Telgha tal-Kalvarju remains high on my list of favourite Maltese songs released to date. Lapes on the other hand comes from the new generation of Maltese hip hop. He rose to prominence as a member of Marmalja and later No Bling Show, incidentally both acts being quite notorious for their reluctance to pussyfoot around anything that needs to be said.

The face-off will feature both rappers battling it out over 5 rounds, four of which will be acapella, with a panel of judges featuring other hip hop artists and the crowd determining the winner in the end. Before the main act, the event will also feature B-Boy and B-Girl exhibition 'battles', namely Tinu White vs Ritmo Roc and Hazy vs Paqxa, a beatbox 'battle' between Il-Ħagu and Zerud and a performance from Rumbull. DJ El Jako will be spinning tunes during the battles and the after-party, and it will all be happening at the Black Pearl in Ta' Xbiex this Saturday. Entrance fee is €5 and doors open at 9pm.

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