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They’ve released a number of singles over the years, conspicuously marked by ever-growing gaps between each release. The last release from rock band Explicit was in fact 2012’s Train EP, an enhanced CD that featured the title track and its music video along with three earlier singles. The EP itself was a convenient summary of the band’s output up till then, on top of which lead single Train proved to be quite possibly Explicit’s most accomplished attempt at blending the different influences within the band into a pop-rock hybrid with an alternative tinge.

Two years on, the band is back with new single Running Away, its upbeat stride shaped by the homogeneous driving rock sound that has become Explicit’s signature and an evident radio-friendliness that should help the song penetrate the local airwaves quite effectively. Recorded at 3Sum Studios with production by Dean Muscat and mastering and mixing by Boris Cezek, the song’s theme, as the title clearly suggests, is that of escapism. “It’s no secret that at some point or other everyone feels the need to switch off and dream of leaving all of life’s burdens behind”, the band said in a comment. “There is however a positive message too in the lyrics”.

Despite the serious tone of the topic at hand, the band said it decided to tackle the issue from a humoristic, somewhat ironic point of view, which they said is quite clear in the song’s accompanying music video. The production of the video was in the hands of Felix Attard with assistance from Michael Farrugia, who the band says produced quote a professional video despite the limited resources and finances available.


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