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The latest single from The Crowns is also the title track off their 2013 debut album Someone Else. Following in the steps of a string of radio singles lifted off the same album that have proved very popular even with local radio stations, the song boasts a strong melodic drive, which many will agree is a characteristic that has now become something of a signature quality of the band’s music.

Despite its rather sombre topic – the song’s theme tells the story of a woman who is subjected to abuse and of the struggle she faces to break out of her dire situation – the song, at its core still carries a strong message of hope, which eventually transforms her fear into the courage she needs to turn her situation around.

Further to the song, The Crowns have also released an accompanying music video, their fourth to date following video productions for Never Ends, Home and Midday Crisis. In contrast to their previous videos, this time the band looked to come up with something different. Created and produced by Ivan Saliba, Daniel Spagnol and Sirach Borg, the video for Someone Else takes its inspiration from the song’s theme, but rather than depicting the story directly, the video is an animated production following the ‘story’ of a simple lighter, which is used and abused by several persons in varying situations along the way, until it finally ends up in the hands of someone attending a concert by the band who, along with the rest of the crowd, lights it up to create an uplifting atmosphere during the performance.

Photo by David 'dp' Attard


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