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It is, without a doubt, a momentous occasion; a milestone event that up until a few years ago, many would have thought impossible to ever happen on an island with a relatively insular mindset. And yet it has, or rather it will, as in a matter of days the first edition of the Malta Tattoo Expo kicks off for a three-day convention that will feature not only local and international tattoo artists, but also live music, re-enactments and more. It’s no secret that tattoos are an acquired taste, but there are reasons to admire this ancient art even if you’re not quite into getting inked yourself. DAMIAN ALLISON from the Rejects Events team organizing the Expo speaks to MICHAEL BUGEJA about the tasking endeavour of turning a dream into reality and why this is an expo for everyone.

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This article was first published on (Friday, 24 October 2014)


Photo of Frank Calleja by David Mallia


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