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It's always been about the 70s, the golden age of funk and zenith of soul, and without fail, each edition of What The Funk has set dance-floors on fire with its revisited and reworked versions of the hottest, slickest tunes of that decade, making it the live concert every party-music lover can't afford to miss. Well, What The Funk is back, and for this fifth edition, they've given the concert a little twist. This time around, your favourite bunch of 70s-inspired local musicians will be zoomed ahead to the 80s, picking some of that decade's top hits, injecting them with a healthy dose of rhythmic groove and giving them a funky flavour! Welcome then, to What the Funk 5... the 'Back to the Future' edition!

Designed to move your feet to an irresistible beat ,What the Funk 5 will be presenting an unforgettable music trip that will certainly prove nostalgic to the over-30s, and excitingly fresh to those generations too young to remember. From Soft Cell and Depeche Mode, to U2 and Bob Marley via Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson and other hitmakers of the 80s, the setlist will fuse their unforgettable melodies with the work of contemporary stars such as Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, the end result a dazzling melting pot of gloriously uplifting music and groovy stompers that will surely make it a(nother) night to remember, and it's all happening on Friday, April 24 at Razzett l–Aħmar in Mosta.

The What The Funk band includes some of Malta's top artists and musicians, among them Adrian Ir-Russu Brincat, Mario Borg, Nadine Axisa, Glen Vella, Janice Debattista, Cheryl Camilleri, Annemarie Mayo, Franklin Calleja and Angela Vella Zarb, band members Joseph Axiak, Ivan Giordano, Peter Paul Galea, Chris Grima, Eric Santucci, Jeremy Micallef, Rueben Navarro and Mark Kram. DJ Alex (Reflex) Grech shall be spinning some 80s tunes before and after the concert, PJ Xerxen shall be hosting the show and Janice Briffa shall act as our all-important wardrobe manager.

This event is in aid of Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary.

For more details go to What the Funk on Facebook.


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