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The vintage Robert Palmer hit Addicted to love was the first thing that came to my mind when I gave Mary Jane, the latest single from The Crowns, its first spin. The semblance of course, is absolutely not to do with the music, but rather with the theme behind Mary Jane. The song more or less focuses on a relationship in which the subject, a woman in this case, is described as the singer’s drug, ‘his cocaine, his Mary Jane’, with the text basically highlighting the romance’s addictive, and eventually destructive qualities.

From a musical aspect, the new single is deeply-rooted in The Crowns’ tried-and-successfully-tested pop-rock melange, which proved so essential to the sharp rise in the band’s popularity within the mainstream music scene as well as the warm response that debut album Someone Else received upon its release in 2013. Sounding fresh and armed with a blazing melody and guitar-driven hook, Mary Jane marks the next step in the band’s ongoing journey, which will hopefully lead to a new album sooner rather than later. Recorded at Temple Studios and co-produced with David Vella, the new single was mastered at Avatar Studios in the US by Fred Kevorkian.

A music video for the new single is currently being produced. Visit for more information and updates about the band's live gigs.

Photo by David 'dp' Attard


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