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Googling Zadig yields a variety of search results, the three most important ones, in no particular order, being a. a computer application, b. a famous philosophical novel, and c. a techno artist. It is the third option that has to do with the article you are reading right now, more precisely the techno artist who, aside from Zadig also goes by the name of Day is Dying, and who will be headlining Avant-Garde Movement & Unfocused's upcoming event in May.

Zadig's career kicked off during the 90s, namely the rave scene that was so characteristic of the dance music of that decade. Having spent a number of years playing a blend of hardcore, acid and industrial music, his decision to go off at a tangent and immerse himself in techno gave him a wider palette to work with. Influenced by the likes of techno stalwarts Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills and The Surgeon as well as iconic labels Tresor and Synewave, to name but a couple, his musical shift was complemented by a physical one that saw Zadig relocate to Paris. Here, thanks in no small way to sound engineer and electronic music guru Mathieu Berthet' s influence and support, Zadig rediscovered his passion for making music, essentially marking a new beginning.

After clocking up a number of acclaimed releases, Zadig eventually set up Construct Re-Form, a label which, aside from being a channel for his own releases, he also uses as a platform for upcoming talent. Taking on the role of label manager, his approach involved a human aspect further to the job's technical requisites; a formula that has proved crucial to the label's growing success and recognition. In 2012, he set up ArsMechanica which, as an offshoot of his main label, seeks to reach and explore new depths in electronic music.

Zadig will be performing a 3-hour set at Avant-Garde Movement & Unfocused's event on Saturday, May 9 at The Playground in Paceville. Brian James, Owen Jay, M Glanville and Migz will also be performing on the night. Tickets cost €10 (limited to 150 persons) and are available from all New York Best outlets or by calling ticket hotlines 99828770, 79705980 or 79892706. Doors open at 10.30pm. For more information, click here.

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