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There are several achievements that Winter Moods can lay claim to, but over and above the various awards, record-breaking concert attendances and hit radio singles, they are almost certainly the longest-serving rock band on the Maltese music scene that has remained active as well as consistently productive to the present day. In fact, further to releasing its sixth studio album The Journey earlier this year, the band recently announced it will be performing a special concert to celebrate its 30th anniversary, which concert will take place at Fort St Elmo, Valletta on Saturday, June 13.

The band's more recent live performances have always been staged in large venues to accommodate the thousands of people who flock to their concerts, the crowning event to date being their memorable 2010 performance at the Granaries in Floriana, which attracted a record-breaking crowd of over 10,000 people. "This time, we wanted to do something different", Winter Moods' frontman Ivan Grech said during the press conference. "We're going for a smaller venue to be able to offer our audience a more intimate performance". And to add to the significance of this memorable occasion in the band's history, the event is being held at the newly-restored Fort St Elmo, without a doubt a spectacular place that will offer the perfect historical backdrop for the concert.

"We promise a special performance which will take us through a journey of 30 years of Winter Moods", Grech continued, adding that every single cent raised from ticket sales will be donated to Puttinu Cares. "It has been our dream for a while, to organize an event where Puttinu would receive all the proceeds, not just the profits, and thanks to the partners who have joined us for this event, it will actually be happening". Winter Moods and Puttinu Cares have shared a special relationship for several years, working closely in recent years to raise awareness and money for the non-governmental organization that supports so many children and adults who are suffering from cancer. "Winter Moods are Malta’s top band, and their concerts have always attracted the biggest crowds in terms of local performances" said Rennie Zerafa of Puttinu Cares. "The band has consistently superseded itself and we are delighted to be part of this special 30th anniversary performance. It will surely be an unforgettable night".

The concert is supported by BOV, Coca Cola, Jack Daniels, Hard Rock Café, Renault, BMIT, Nexos Lighting and Best Team Audio.

Tickets are available from at €15 for general standing and at €25 for the inner circle which also includes a copy of Winter Moods’ latest album The Journey. The audience will be limited to 3000 people.

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Photo by Ivan Pierre Vella


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