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A teacher by profession, Corinna is more popularly known locally as a model and possibly more than that, as a singer. In fact, having started singing at a very young age, it’s safe to say that music has been a primary constant in her life as far back as she can remember. Though her releases may be sporadic, she has nevertheless amassed a good number of songs to her name since releasing her debut single Someone New in 2011. Over the past four years she has worked closely with DJ and producer Toby, who has played a vital role in bringing the singer’s voice to the masses, further to which she was also nominated twice in the BMA’s.

Released just a few weeks ago in the wake of her recent collaboration with DJ MyKill, Corinna’s latest single, once again written, recorded and produced by Toby, is called Invincible. It is by all means a dance track that affirms her reputation as one of the leading female voices in the local EDM scene. The song projects an uplifting vibe that fully reflects its title and theme, which as Corinna explains, “is about finding one’s inner strength to overcome the obstacles that life often brings us face to face with”. With the song picking up pace on the local airwaves, Corinna is presently working on more new material for future release.

For more info, follow Corinna on facebook here.

Photo by John Borg


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