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His 2014 single Smile wasn't just a full-on summer anthem brimming with positivity, it also came with a music video that reflected that same feelgood factor while managing to fit in a private jet, a Pontiac and countless pictures of smiling people in the space of 4 minutes. One year and two other pumping singles later, Rikki Lee is back with a tune that is as naughty as its title suggests and an uber-sexy music video that Pitbull himself would have probably loved to crash. He doesn't of course, but the video does feature a cameo from Paceville entrapreneur Hugo Chetcuti, a luxury cabin cruiser, a beat-up VW Beetle, a Bentley (or maybe not!) and a lot of curvy ladies with little on but a sexy swimsuit and a smile.

In the few days it has been online, the video for Naughty Girls has clocked up well over 11k views, though not necessarily all of them by fans of the singer. "I knew this track would turn a few heads, but I totally believe in the song”, Lee said in a comment. Produced by locally-based Gilkicker Productions, Lee's new single is a funky upbeat dance track with a blatantly commercial kinky disco groove. It has already been released in Germany and will be aired in neighbouring countries where he expects it will probably raise some eyebrows too.

Launched at Hugo's Terrace in Paceville earlier this month, Naughty Girls is the follow-up to Lee's recent 2Hot2Handle collaboration with Austrian DJ Johnny Vincent (which also came with an eye-catching video), and if some of the local reactions to the new single are anything to go by, it could well become the hottest thing he's handled to date. "Naughty Girls is a tale of fantasy and reality mixed with a twist of humour", Lee explained in response to the various comments that some local journalists and bloggers have posted about the song and its video. It's all about having a bit of fun really, and anyway, an extra bit of fuss can only mean more views, and there's certainly nothing wrong about that!

Naughty Girls is available online at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


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