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Tattoo, taboo: two words that, for decades, have long been entwined in the clouded eyes of society at large. On a more positive note, in recent years the disparaging link binding the two words has generally loosened (even if only a few steps at a time) to the point where tattoos have become a widespread fashion accessory. Of course the reasons for getting inked go way deeper than just being hip (or at least they should), but for better or worse, the trend has admittedly helped change the way tattoos, and more importantly tattooed people, are perceived by the rest of society.

Possibly inspired, at least in part, by the notorious skin art's rise in popularity, the Malta Tattoo Expo not only brings together skilled artists under one roof, it also brings the formerly frowned- upon subculture to a wider audience in an effort to keep breaking down the invisible but impeding barriers society has erected over the years. A success story from day one, the Malta Tattoo Expo is a big gamble that paid off, attracting significant attendances that have paved the way for another edition that will feature an even bigger roster of local and international participants than last year.

Why then are you reading about this on a music website? The answer is simple - the Malta Tattoo Expo also offers a music programme which, besides reflecting the Rejects ethos of promoting underground culture, will be staging an amazing line-up of live acts from the local music scene throughout the weekend. Among these one finds the exceptional hip-hop act Digby, this year’s Hard Rock Rising winners Cinnamon War, electronic act Crux, reggae vibes from the Freedom Fighters and rocking sounds from Eversity, further to which there will also be acoustic performances from Colourblind, Kim & Chris, Cheryl & Ken and Jodi & Ian. Last but not least Malta Tattoo Expo’s very own house band, Beyond the Skin will be back with a powerful setlist and a line-up featuring the likes of Wayne Camilleri (Big Band Brothers), Gianni (Rug), Mikaela, Leo Stivala (Forsaken), Paul Sky (Colourblind), Chris Curmi (Airport Impressions), Robert Spiteri (Red Electrick) & Jonathan Ellul, and it all kicks off this Friday, October 9, running through to Sunday, October 11 at the Intercontinental Hotel conference centre in St. Julian's.

For ticket info and more details click here or visit


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